Product Launch Solution

A Product Launch is the process of building anticipation and emphasizing scarcity in a hungry market, towards the release of a new product / service, positioned to have the potential to make a significant impact on the target customer’s life.

In the Internet Marketing world, Product Launches are powerful marketing vehicles used by Information-Marketers to drive a massive amount of traffic on a specific day (“Launch day”), with the goal of converting the wave of anonymous traffic into qualified leads and then paying customers.

Revenue Fire has been instrumental in orchestrating some of the largest most-successful product launches online, working with leading information marketers on applying time-tested techniques to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in product revenues.

The “Revenue Fire Product Launch Program” is a joint-venture between you and Revenue Fire, whereby our company will work with you, hands-on, on every aspect of your product launch in a joint effort to make it a big success, in your time frame.
Here’s what you can expect from Revenue Fire, before, during and following the launch:

* Hands-on consulting
* Affiliate recruitment
* Analytics and Split testing
* Professional services: Landing page design, Hosting, Affiliate system, Payment solutions
* Membership system integration
* Load testing, to ensure your setup can handle launch-day traffic
* Introduction to leading information-marketing affiliates
* 10,000 list of qualified leads in IM niche
* Affiliate emails autoresponder kit (swipe files)
* Call center, Help desk